My favorite aspect of working as a freelance graphic designer and art director is the variety of the projects on which I've worked. While my roots are in book publishing, I've designed for bands, bars, television and film, radio, and a number of human-rights and non-profit organizations.

Before I went out on my own I worked as an Art Director at Oxford University Press. There, I had the opportunity to learn from some of the very best designers in the business. Probably the single most valuable skill that I learned in that position is how to create graphics that communicate complex or abstract ideas in a glance.

I bring a strong knowlege of print production to my work. This allows me to prepare jobs properly for print, which saves my clients time and money. I'm continually upgrading my knowledge of software and output technologies.

I recently moved to my childhood home of Montclair after living in New York for 20 years. The diversity of the city and its people continues to feed my creative energies. I am a pretty good amateur photographer and potter; I love cooking, and I'm an avid reader. I'm also a rotten guitarist and a fairly poor quilter.

I hope you enjoy my work—e-mail me if you'd like to see more or would like a quote on a project.