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Clients say

"Nora, you performed miraculously and hence your new name the Designer Alchemist!"
—BL, ClinicalOMICs

"You are so great to work with. You have far exceeded my expectations and I can’t imagine anyone else working on this publication. You seem just as invested as our in-house team."
—TO, GEN News

"Many thanks for the great work. It was fun, light and right on point!"
—AM, Toni's Kitchen


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Graphic Designer / Art Director combines creative, strategic marketing experience with a comprehensive knowledge of design tools and electronic and print standards.

I will work to communicate your message with clarity and dynamism. The most important part of my job is listening to the client and presenting graphics that reflect the unique personality of the project.

My favorite aspect of working as a freelance graphic designer and art director is the variety of the projects on which I've worked. While my roots are in book publishing, I've designed for television and film, B2B, pharmaceutical, radio, bands, bars, and a number of human-rights and non-profit organizations.

Extensive experience with scientific, academic and technical products has enabled me to create graphics that communicate complex or abstract ideas at a glance.

I bring a strong knowlege of digital and print production to my work. This allows me to prepare jobs properly for print or digital platforms which saves my clients time and money. I'm continually upgrading my knowledge of software and output technologies.

I hope you enjoy my work—e-mail me with questions or if you would like a quote on a project.